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José Aburto, Natalija Boljsakov


ENCERRADA Uses text in audio, light, and spatiality to generate a virtual environment that serves as a metaphor for the consciousness of a person in quarantine. For this, a space will be built in the Metaverse using the Spatial Web platform that can be accessed by any participant from computers, tablets or cell phones. This platform has spatial audio technology that allows to generate a sensation of immersion.

About the Author(s):

José Aburto Zolezzi
Poet defined by his continuous experimentation in different formats, supports and writing methods which reinterpret the poetic work from his own perspective: interactive, technological, and personal. Whether as a professor, cultural promoter or a communications professional, his works have dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the digital realm and their impact on different forms of expression. There is a brief of the works by José Aburto in poetry and art available at:

Natalija Boljsakov
Architect researching the relationship between bodies, technologies and the environment. Specialized in digital technologies applied to design and fabrication. Co-director of NUBT, a studio with an experimental approach that integrates architecture, art and design projects. She has worked on architectural and design projects in a wide range of types and scales and collaborated with professionals from different disciplines in projects making use of digital tools to push the limits of what can be achieved. Graduated from the Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture / Digital Tectonics from IAAC, Barcelona, Diploma Studies in Somatic Education at PUCP, Lima and Somatics for Architecture and Landscape at Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid.  University lecturer on topics related to art,design & technology. She is currently doing a PhD research on the  interwaeving of somatics and digital technology in the design process.


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