Natalia Fedorova – To be the wind for the tree

Natalia Fedorova


This portable device invites the viewer to develop a caring relationship with a tree or a group of trees at a distance. The data from a Tree Talker sensor will be transformed into lines of poetic text. The device will allow to check on the well-being of the tree every half an hour.

Did you ever want to hear a tree talk?  Did you ever want to feel how the water goes up the tree crones? How does the wind feel for the tree? This project is based on the idea of the Internet of Trees (IoT) verbalizing the tree sensualities.

A poetry generator producing iterations based on Tree Talker+ sensor data.
The text is made up of five lines
1.Water transport inside the plant
2.Diameter growth
3.Quantity and quality of foliage (light transmission in four spectral bands)
4.Climate and soil parameters (temperature, humidity).
5.Tree stability with gyroscopic sensor

Data is transmitted via radio to a model/router and cloud.

About the Author(s):

Natalia Fedorova is a new media poet, a digital literature scholar and a 101.Mediapoetry Festival curator. In collaboration with a sonic artist Taras Mashtalir she founded a media poetry project Machine Libertine. Noor, a brain opera with her libretto was presented at ISEA, 2016. Her audio and video poems appeared in TextSound, Rattapallax, LIT magazine, and Ill-Tempered Rubyist, räume für notizen | rooms for notes as well as number of international festivals  and biennales (ISEA 2016, ELO 2015, 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 10, Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, REVERSE, Moscow Book Festival, E-Poetry, LUMEN EX, Interrupt II, VideoBardo, Liberated Words, Tarp and others).

Natalia holds a PhD in literary theory from Herzen State University (St-Petersburg). Natalia won a Fulbright scholarship to do her first year postdoctorate term at the Trope Tank at MIT, where she was working on translating e-lit, and SPIRE to develop Russian Electronic Literature Collection in a specialized knowledge base at the University of Bergen for her second year term. She is currently teaching creative writing with new media and text-based art in Smolny College (St-Petersburg State University – Bard College) and curating a Mediapoetry lab at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre. Natalia is a member of editorial board of Translit an almanach for contemporary poetry.


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