Cecilia Suhr – The “Other” Narrative

Cecilia Suhr


The “Other” Narrative is a performative spoken word and interactive text exploring the hegemonic tension that rises between the mainstream (t.v.) and alternative and participatory media such as the web and social media.  Is the narrative stemming from the mainstream media the only reality or can there be multiple versions of realities based on “the other narrative” emerging from the independent and or alternative media outlets? If so, who controls the narrative through media and establishes “the only reality”?  In this performance, the performer/creator makes sounds and certain words; when this happens, it interacts with the text and video on the screen.  In doing so, this work demonstrates the multiple realities that one is trying to grasp and understand based on conflicting versions of the narratives.  For instance, what is depicted as “good” is bad, true is false, or a certain narrative is simply omitted and censored. The battle between mainstream and alternative media messages is often tackled by four D strategies: 1) deletion; 2) denial; 3) deflection, and 4) distortion.  The ”other”  narrative in question is replaced by the art of labeling, stigmatization, stereotyping, and gaslighting thereby creating confusion and an incognizant lull in people’s minds.  In other words, this mechanism influences the ability to think independently and critically.   Overall, this interactive audio-text performance demonstrates the invisible representation of hegemonic tension that rises between the dominant and the “other” narrative.

About the Author(s):

Cecilia Suhr is an award-winning intermedia artist and researcher, multi-instrumentalist, painter, author, and improviser, who is working at the intersection between art, music, performance art, and interactive media. Her creative work has been presented across the U.S. and overseas in the U.K., Greece, Australia, France, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, etc. through galleries, biennials, museums, conferences, and festivals. She is a recipient of the MacArthur Foundation, Digital Media and Learning Research Grant Award (2012). She is currently an Associate Professor of Humanities and Creative Arts (and an Affiliate Professor of Art) at Miami University Regionals, Ohio.


Miami University




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