Maria de los Angeles Martinez Estevez – AI-Poet’s Thinking

Maria de los Angeles Martinez Estevez


This project is an interactive physical 3D sculpture that reflects the connection between the real poet Marcos de la Fuente and the exploration of how to combine his poems and the AI, creating the Digital Twin.

The goal of this piece is to work with new interfaces between people and AI, and how the new technologies can help the next generation of poets. On the other hand, the artistic representation shows how the digital is connected with the real world, for that we force the audience to interact with the artistic piece using their fingers on top of a classical typewriter. The person that participates in the experience, can introduce sentences that will be used for the brain like a title, and seconds after a poem will be generated using an AI model trained with the Marcos de la Fuente poetry. The project is looking for represent how work the creativity + imagination process happened in the poet’s brain using a digital representation.

The authors have created an software based in Artificial Intelligence (AI) using natural language process techniques, and a AI model was created. In the process of training the AI model, we use real poems from Marcos de la Fuente and other poets that influence Marcos creativity. The model digests all this information and creates a network that describes all the relations between the words that compose the poems and their structure. Thanks to that, a digital replica of a poet, Digital Twin, based on the knowledge transfer based on is created. This model was transferred to a portable device that is embedded in a digital sculpture printed in 3D, using this like the analogy of how is connected the digital and real world. Also the people can experiment online with the AI model, and include modify and extend it thanks to be a open source contribution of this art collective.

The piece is interactive, and has a keyboard where the participants can interact and introduce a poem title, at that moment the “digital twin of the poet” represented by the brain will generate a poem, base only in the title, and this output is represented in a wall, thanks to a pico projector integrated in the art piece.

About the Author(s):

The artistic collective Poetry+AI=ART is represented by Maria Martinez at ELO2022. The team is set by Marcos de la Fuente a poet, performer and art activist, Ismael Faro, who is technical lead IBM Research, Maria Martinez is computer engineer and Interactive visual Artists.  The main target is to merge the current paradigms of the traditional literature with disruptive technologies and experiment how to make it accessible and iterative, starting from the poems of Marcos de la Fuente, and looking how to mix it with artificial intelligence, creating for that a digital twin of the poet.




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