ELO 2022 Special Call: Mentoring Exhibition (Extended April 1)

“Show me how to do this”
Learning E-lit by Making Together

CFP: ELO 2022 Special Call: Mentoring Exhibition
Deadline March 15, 2022 April 1, 2022
Online Exhibition: June 2022
Curated by María Goicoechea and Mark Marino
Submission form:

Call for Works

The making of electronic literature is an artisanal practice, born of community practices of sharing. While some artists find their own way into the rabbit holes of e-lit, most follow a guide or teacher, learning as a sorcerer’s apprentice.  Whether this happens in a formal setting, like a classroom, or in an informal context, like a rainy day passtime for a family, the time spent sharing the forms and tools of electronic literature as well as techniques for making e-lit is crucial to bring new artists into the field and new works into being. In that way, the process is very much like teaching other forms of craft, like sewing, or even cooking, which has in turn inspired e-lit, such as the field of gastropoetics.

For this exhibition, we seek works that have emerged out of such tutelage and collaboration, where a mentor, teacher, or parent has introduced one or more new artists to the field by making a work of electronic literature with them.

Works will be exhibited in an online exhibition as part of the ELO 2022 hybrid conference.  We will also plan an online launch either during or before the conference.

Given the pedagogical emphasis of #ELOitalia and the setting of the in-person conference in a K-12 school, any  works aimed at or appropriate for younger audiences are especially welcomed. This exhibit will have a special section for works aimed at middle grade and young adult audiences.

We are calling for all genre of works, including:

interactive fiction, poetry generators, hypertext, Third Generation E-Lit (including works on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok), VR/AR/XR, et cetera.

Note: Works already submitted to ELO 2022 that fit the exhibition criteria will be considered. If you submit a work that you have already submitted to the conference, just indicate that in your application.

Various details:

At least the submitting author (or mentor) will be required to have a current ELO Membership (minimal unaffiliated member $25) to have their work exhibited. That membership fee does not include ELO 2022 registration.

By March 15, use this form to send us:

Author (submitting)
Author email addresses.
Additional authors:
Additional email addresses
Video: (short demo video, under 1 minute) (opt)
1-sentence description
Age of audience
Description of the work
Description of the context of the collaboration (200-400 words)
Type of work: Twitterbot, Twine Fiction, VR. etc.
Has this work already been Submitted to ELO 2022: Y/N
(You may submit the same work. This question is just to guide our tracking with EasyChair)
Web-ready Images of the work
Link to the work
Any video documentation of the work.

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