Peter Purg – Unlearning Pieces

Peter Purg


A set of site-specific micro-performances is delivered at the live venue of ELO 2020 in Como, within the programme of conference talks and in the gallery, the pieces might also happen during the online events. De- and re-composing the discourse of the (multi-/inter)media texts presented, the performative interventions are articulated both through spoken word as well as in physical (re)presentation of the body-in-situ.

About the Author(s):

Besides acting as associate professor for New Media Art, Peter Purg is a renowned performance artist, his (lecture) performances have been featured at various international media art festivals and galleries. An early researcher of digital literatures, he published several articles and a monograph as well as gave numerous talks, lectures and workshops worldwide. Peter Purg currently leads the New Media module in the Digital//Media Arts and Practices graduate//postgraduate programme at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, where he acts as Associate Professor, projects coordinator as well as expert across realms of digital culture and media. Since December 2021 he is Acting Dean of the School of Humanities. Having obtained a PhD in media art, communication science and literary studies from the University of Erfurt (Germany), his scientific inquiries now include media arts pedagogy, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, media art and media ecology. His artistic interests range from (lecture) performances and intermedia installations to public-space interventions as well as participatory creative processes.


University of Nova Gorica (School of Humanities)


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